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We've been busy over the years! Learn more about the activities we are currently offering!


Two Friday evenings a month during our francophone Happy Hour "APERO FRANCO", Le Relais community hall turns into a café-restaurant to welcome you. It is open to everyone, young and old, with a diverse menu of drinks and food. Come share a good time with family and friends over a drink while practicing your French! ​


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As the only francophone film festival and one of the few entirely bilingual events in Saskatchewan, Festival CINERGIE is a unique and important cultural attraction in Saskatoon. It is the perfect occasion to explore the world of local, Canadian francophone cinema and all its international success. All chosen films are shown with English subtitles in order to allow a wider audience to experience francophone cultures. We showcase a wide variety of genres, including dramas, comedies, thrillers, classics, new releases, art films, and films from emerging artists.

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Saint Jean-Baptiste Celebration

Saint Jean-Baptiste Day, celebrated on June 24, is Quebec's national holiday. During this evening of festivities, a barbecue meal is served. Many activities and games are organized for children and families. The evening ends with a concert involving young artists from the schools as well as guest artists, or with a dance party.

Folkfest Francophone Pavilion

Folkfest is the city of Saskatoon's multicultural festival. The event spans over 3 days, from Thursday to Saturday, at the beginning of August. The purchase of a Passport allows you unlimited access to the 20 pavilions for all 3 days.


The Federation organizes a Francophone pavilion every 2 years which offers 3 days of shows with Francophone artists, artisans' kiosks, as well as a food service offering dishes from different Francophone cultures around the world.

Show Season

Each year, we welcome French-speaking artists touring Western Canada. These artist tours are coordinated by Réseau 360-SK of the Conseil Culturel Fransaskois.

Flag Raising

The students of the Francophone schools in Saskatoon, the Fransaskois community, and the general public are invited to the Pavillon Monique Rousseau to attend the raising of the flag on the occasion of the Rendez-Vous de la Francophonie .


The formal program includes dignitaries from Saskatoon City Hall, government representatives and the Fransaskois community. Students are invited to say a few words and then sing the national anthem.