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We have been busy over the years!

Learn more about the activities we have offered in the past.

Talk Chaud

We organized 5 performances of Talk Chaud with star host Gaëtan Benoit, to accompany him Gabriel Gosselin on the news, and Émilie Lebel on the console. This comic trio presented unpublished reports from Francophone celebrities living in the Prairies, comedy, drama, live concerts and much more...


The PIF (Improv. Evenings)

The improv group (Le PIF and its funny band) put on a fun, high-energy show every month. The troupe met weekly for drills and rehearsals for the monthly show.

Cabaret Evenings

The cabaret evening season included 5 evenings a year that mixed music styles and artistic genres. The first part of each evening was organized by our 4 local artists who performed great classics of French and Quebec songs. The second part was devoted to guest artists. Each cabaret was different, the guest artists could represent music or the arts. We welcomed various musical genres such as rap, folk, rock, jazz, latin music, and also visual artists, dancers, poets or novelists.

Other Projects

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