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Volleyball Tournament


November 30th 2019 from 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.


Registration Fee for one team: $75
***20% OFF for teams registering before November 15th!***

Free entry for spectators.


First Place : $150 + Free Registration in 2020!

Second Place : $75


Everyone is welcome! Players and spectators.


École canadienne-française Pavillon Gustave-Dubois

2320 Louise Avenue, Saskatoon, Sk

Application close
Too late!

register your team before november 15th 2019 and get 20% off your registration fee!!!

Rules & Regulations

- 6 Players on the floor at a time - 2 must be female.

- Minimum 4 players on the floor to play - 2 must be female.

- All round-robin games are self-officiated unless volunteers come forward. This means players are responsible for making their own calls.

- Teams should arrive at the gym 5 minutes prior to the scheduled game time.

- Teams should not be on the court until the games before they are finished.

- A five-minute warm-up will be available prior to the start of the game.

- Games must start and end on time. If your game starts late it does not get to run late.

- Service and sides will be determined at the start of the match by a Rock-Paper-Scissors. The winner either chooses to serve/receive OR the side of the court. The loser will take the other decision.

- Once a team has scored 5 points with the same server they must rotate one position. The team remains serving but a new server comes in from rotating.

- Games will be played to 25 and teams must win by two points.

  • The third game of the best of three will be played to 15.

- Captains are responsible for reporting scores to the Tournament Coordinators following games.

For more details, please see the following PDF.




Volleyball... :) 



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